Playmo-Skirmish walkthrough

I decided to make a walkthrough of PLAYMO-skirmish basic mechanics.
PLAYMO-skirmish is my new skirmish game designed for Playmobil figures.

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1. This small skirmish is played between two hero's (no archetypes were used), both armed with a sabre and pistol. Both hero's have a d6 (6 sided die) depicting their health, 4 coins, and 4 ammunition.


2. Both roll for initiative (who will start). The left player "Charles O'Brian" rolled a 3 and the right player "Chevalier du Brezé" rolled a 5.
 3. Du Brezé starts by walking 2x towards the crate (1 move = 1 figure length).
4. Then O'Brian walks (1st action) and then fires a shot with his pistol (2nd action), throwing a 4 thus hitting du Brezé (who's health is now 5). Note that I place 1 bullet outside the crate depicting the bullet in LOADED in the pistol. O'Brian's pistol is now empty/unloaded.
5. Now players roll again for initiative; Du Brezé starts with a 4, O'Brian last with a 1.
6. Du Brezé spends 1 action on opening the crate, and 1 action to take a pistol from the crate, now has 2 loaded pistols (thus 2 bullets next to the crate.
7. O'Brian walks towards the table and picks up a pistol.
8. Next round, O'Brian is able to start (with a 5). He shoots at Du Brezé rolling a 6. Rolling a 6 results in 2x damage, so the health of Du Brezé is now only 3.
9. Du Brezé takes a bandage kit from the crate and shoots at O'Brian with his pistol, rolling a 3. Because the firing distance is < 2 figure lengths away he gets a +1 on his roll resulting in a 4. O'Brian is inflicted 1 damage.
 10. Players roll again for initiative, Du Brezé starts with a 6.
 11. Du Brezé uses a bandage kit (=+2, his health is back to 5) and walks towards O'Brian.
 12. O'Brian walks towards Du Brezé and attacks him with his sword. Both players roll a die. Du Brezé rolls higher and is able to defend against the attack. No damage is taken.
 13. The winner of the fight is able to choose the effect afterwards. Du Brezé chooses to repulse O'Brian back 1 figure length. Players roll again for initiative, Du Brezé starts with a 3.
 14. Du Brezé attacks O'Brian (walk =1 action, attack =1 action) and rolls higher than O'Brian. 1 damage is inflicted on O'Brian (who's health is now 4).
 15. Du Brezé chooses to "Push through" and keep fighting his opponent while pushing him backwards. OBrian uses his 1st action to attack Du Brezé, rolling a 1 v.s. a 4. Du Brezé successfully defends against his attack, no damage is done.
16. As the winner, Du Brezé chooses to draw O'Brian back towards his direction. O'Brian uses his 2nd action to attack again with his sword. throwing a 5 v.s. a 2. 1 damage is inflicted to Du Brezé (health now is 4).
17. O'Brian chooses to retreat from his opponent 1 figure length.
18. Players roll for initiative; Du Brezé starts by rolling a 5. He shoots his pistol with a 4 (3+1 for < 2 figure lengths). 1 damage is inflicted to O'Brian.
19. Then Du Brezé walks towards the crate.
20. O'Brian Chooses to reload his pistol (1 action) and walk towards Du Brezé (1 action).
 21. Players roll for initiative; Du Brezé starts rolling a 5 v.s. 1. Du Brezé walks up to the crate and takes a (loaded) musket (note: I forgot to put an extra bullet next to the crate as ammo for the musket).
22. O'Brian walks to Du Brezé and attacks him, both rolling a 6.
23. As this is a tie, both hero's are thrown backwards 1/2 a figure length (now 1 figure length apart).
24. Players roll for initiative; Du Brezé rolls a 2 v.s. 1 and starts again.
25. Du Brezé shoots his musket at O'Brian rolling a 2, added is a bonus of +1 for using a musket, and +1 for short range (< 2 figure lengths). Inflicting 1 damage to O'Brian, who's health is now 2.
26. O'Brian walks towards Du Brezé and attacks again. rolling a 4 v.s. 4, again a tie.
27. Hero's are placed 1 figure length from each other as the attack resulted in a tie.
28. Players roll for initiative; O'Brian starts rolling a 5 v.s. 3.
 29. O'Brian chooses to walk towards the table and take a bottle of rum.
30. Du Brezé walks in the direction of the stored goods and reloads his musket.
31. Players roll for initiative; O'Brian starts by rolling a 5 v.s. 2.
32. O'Brian drinks the bottle of rum (=1 action) and gains 1 health. as a 2nd action he walks towards Du Brezé.
33. Du Brezé fires his musket and aims at the 3 gunpowder barrels underneath the table. He rolls a 5 and the barrels explode.
34. The barrels explode. 1 figure length radius per barrel, so 3 barrels = 3 figure length explosion.
35. As O'Brian was within the 1st figure length of the explosion, 3 damage is inflicted. Du Brezé is within the 3rd figure length radius of the explosion and is inflicted 1 damage (note: I forgot to put this on his health die!). Both figures are blown from their feet by the explosion. O'Brian died during the explosion, Du Brezé is the winner.
36. Du Brezé spends his next action to stand up, and walk towards O'Brian lying on the ground. He can now loot his body (2 ammunition, 4 coins and a loaded pistol). but since there are no further opponents, the game ends here.

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