- Pictures Oosterhout 2014
- Pictures of Het Loo 2013
- Pictures of army set-up (using transparent bases)
- First game played with "Three Inch Glory"!
- A British encampment
- British vs. Austria Battle pictures
- The time it takes to fire three rounds a minute
- Barricading in a belgium farmhouse
- Asking for shelter for the night
- Second game played with "Three Inch Glory"!
- I finished my star fortress

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Pictures of each individual regiment

Great Britain:
- British commanders
- British militia

France ancien regime:
- French commanders
- Guardes Royal
- Indian warparty

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Exposition at Wolfsburg Playmobil Convention 2009
In 2009 I set-up 2 tables with two different dioramas using Playmobil and styropur structures/landscapes.

"British Fortress" (Jamaika)
"The Dutch V.O.C. port" (Java)

the Making of:
Buildings and landscape made out of white Styropor/polystyrene, wood glue (!), and (structured) wallpaint, thereafter painted with a variety of other colours and materials....