2 Lissabon

After a quiet period through the channel and the atlantic, the Renown passes through the straits of Gibraltar.... A spanish ship informs the Captain of a penalty that has to be payed in Lissabon, The Ship passed an other ship on the starboard side.... (bloody european rules!)
"We will come about! sir Grant.....Set course to Lissabon!!"

"aye aye Sir!"

Arriving in Lissabon, Major Sawyer meets Signor Roet who leads the men to the garrison-commander Colonel Benderinos.
"Hello Signor Roet, I am here to pay the penalty for the HMS Renown... And I would also like to buy some provisions!"

The men enter the main office at the docks..

In the mean time Colonel Benderinos is occupied with paperwork.
"Signor Benderinos..... there are a few Britisch here to see you about the race."

"Good day, Sir Sawyer.... You're here to pay the penalty?"

"Indeed Sir, and here is a little more for some provisions I would like to buy! I need 20 barrels of water, 8 bags with grane and some fresh vegetables"

"Signor Roet, please lead these men to the harbourmaster and help them to get what they need..."

Sir Sawyer discusses all he needs with the harbourmaster.
"That would be all......... Sir Archer call for the men if you please.. we will need to take all of these goods to the Renown!"

"Have a good journey to the next port Sir Sawyer.."
"Thank you Signor Roet. Our next stop will be Marseilles"
"Marseilles! Please greet Corporal Du Baubon for me! I know him very well!"

The Goods are loaded into the Renown and she will make her way to Marseilles!!
"Bon Voyage!"