British vs. Rebels

The first smell of war!

On the 20th of june, I tested the rules together with a friend, playing in the theme of the American War of Independance (AWI)
I played with a colonial (rebel) army accompanied by a french regiment
My opponent played the British army allied with an austrian regiment (fictive)

The Rebels & French advanced, but their artillery support failed to many times whereby the British cavalry in combination with their artillery caused many casualties at the rebel side…

After a few hours the british took the field!


British / Austrian (fictive!) alliance:
71st Regiment foot 30 men infantry
64th Regiment foot 30 men infantry
16th light dragoons 16 men cavalry
3rd artillery 9 men, 3 guns

14th Austrian foot 33 men infantry
6th Austrian foot 12 men infantry

Total: 130 men

Against colonial rebels with the help of the French:

1st Maryland regiment 22 men infantry
Culpepper Minutemen 30 men militia
Bedford Minute men 25 men militia
Virginia light dragoons 9 men cavalry
Colonial artillery 14 men / 4 guns
Royal d’Artillery 5 men / 2 guns

Régiment de Touraine 34 men infantry

Total: 139 men

Playtime: 6 Hours
Players: 2
Battlefield: 5 sqm ( 2 x 2,5m ) = 6 square yards
Losses: 45 dead, 15 wounded Rebels + French
20 dead, 12 wounded British + Austrian
Rules: “Three Inch Glory”

Colonial & French alliance

British lines

Birds view of battlefield

British lines

 Austrian square formation

British Blue dragoons charge rebel militia

Chaos behind the rebel lines


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