7 Aden

The Renown has reached Aden and sir Sawyer is preparing to get some necessary supplies.
“LAND HO!” “Master Gibbs….. make ready to drop anchor…” “Aye Captain!!”

“Launch the boat master Gibbs….” “Aye sir Sawyer!”

The renown’s reach the docks of Aden. Major Sawyer meets the harbourmaster to buy the necessary supplies.

“Good day to you sir…. I would like to buy some ships supplies here in Aden…”
“Yes my Lord, please come with me to my office where we can come to an agreement.”

All supplies are brought to the docks: water, vegetables, fresh fruits, salted meat, rum, and ……


The supplies are loaded into the ship. “Would that be all master Gibbs?”
“Yes sir, only the goats still need to be brought in!”

“You sir!! Careful with those goats there!”

“Everything is loaded sir” “Very well, tie everything up and report to the captain!” “Aye sir!”

The Renown makes way out of the bay, to the open sea again.

Aah, finally sir Mayson, the Renown has a full belly again! Better for the spirit of the men and” …… HUH?.....BOEM…….. “a shot!”

"BEAT TO QUARTERS!! All hands to your stations” “Sharpshooters to the tops sergeant Archer!” “Gibbs ready the guns!” “Aye Captain!.... run out the starboard battery!”

“It was only a warning shot!”

“It’s the “Kronenbürger”, German mercenaries who also joined the race! …. They are blocking our passage to the sea!”

“WAIT, Do not fire! We will try to avoid them and sail around!” “Aye Captain”


“Your orders sir?” “Starboard battery fire” “Aye Captain, FIRE!”

“Wilson, hard to larboard!” “Aye Captain!”

“Starboard battery FIRE!”

“Bring up your small arms, prepare to repel boarders! Sieze your weapons and wait for the word..!!”

“Lieutenant, a full hit..!! LOOK they are coming about!! The ship is moving away!!”

The Renown has come up on the wind and is leaving Aden and the “Kronenbürgers” behind, towards……………..