is downloadable for free on this website!

A ruleset for playing short stories (scenario's) with just a few of Playmobil figures.

Download rulebook here:
Playmo-skirmish rules (English)
Playmo-skirmish basisregels (Nederlands)

A directional template for non-player controlled figures:

Template Playmo-skirmish (English)
Richtings sjablonen (Nederlands)

Expansions are downloadable at the end of this page!

You play a scenario using just  a small number of Playmobil figures.

Attacks, shots, jumps or questions to other figures are all dealt with by rolling a 6 sided die ("d6") or by an opposed dice roll (with d6).

The main characters that are played with are considered the HERO's of the game and are stronger in many aspects. Hero's each have their own d6 to keep track of their health. If hit by a shot or sword attack a hero loses 1 point off the die, if six are gone the figure is out of play.

Here is a walkthrough of the basic mechanics of the game using pictures:


Here are some pictures of 2 games we tested:

A tavern brawl, objective is to find as much coins
or beat as much figures as possible in the tavern
Some examples of hero's the players play with.
You can use any time period when playing Playmo-skirmish!

A scenario: search on the streets. Houses can be searched for clues,
civilians can be questioned for intellegence

An example of a large playing table we set up to test the game


I will be adding the three additional expansions in English soon these will include 9 scenarios and additional rules for cowboys, pirates and ships!

Expansion (including 5 scenario's): Pirates and ships
Playmo-skirmish expansion: Pirates and naval battles (English)
Playmo-skirmish uitbreiding: Piraten en zeeslagen (Nederlands)

Expansion (including 1 scenario): Western hero's
Playmo-skirmish expansion: Western hero's (English)
Playmo-skirmish uitbreiding: Westernhelden (Nederlands)

4 campaign scenario's: 
Playmo-skirmish, 4 campaign scenario's (English)
Playmo-skirmish, 4 opvolgende scenario's (Nederlands)

Please contact me for errors, inconsistencies or unclarities conserning this new ruleset at:

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Victor Fayet said...

Hi, where i can find playmobile of this type. The new plymobile isn't good for this game

Major Sir Edward Sawyer, said...

My game is intended for all themes, the older playmobil can be found on 2nd hand markets in europe at least.. and in a lot of countries their are fairs for playmobil where they also sell old stuff, easy but more expensive way is through ebay.

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