3 Marseilles

The Renown has reached Marseille and is lying in it's Port!

A sloop brings the Major and the ship's lieutenant to the Dock's...

Many merchant vessels ly anchor here.....
"oars UP!!!"
"through that line to that Frenchman!" 

"Wilson, you will stay here with the boat and the men! Me and Sir Sawyer will go up into Marseilles"
In the streets of Marseilles "The Headquarters is somewhere here Grant... Aah maybe at the end of that street."

"Sir Sawyer, what exactly are whe doing in Marseilles?"

"I would like to obtain a list with all the ships that have passed through Marseilles since we started at Plymouth, Captain Campbell warned to be extra carefull now!"

"Aah British... You must be here for the race... Am I right??"
"Yes we are.... whe are from His Majesty's ship Renown, where is the headoffice, if I may ask?"

"Yes it's right around the corner here..... follow me please!"
The men make their way through the stairways up to the headoffice of the garrison in Marseilles.......

"Aha... Another group here for the race am I right?? It hase become rather busy here since that race started.. Please come in... I've just finished my diner."

"Corporal du Baubon, I would like to ask for a copy of the docklist, I would like to know wich ships passed through Marseilles? Ooh and I was in Lissabon last week and Sir Roet asked me to give you his regards...."

"ROET.... Aah my old friend.... The docklist you say... hmm.... I do have some copies, you can have them if you want..... If your interrested, an other British ship, a ship of the line, the trimast HMS Black prince, also passed through a few days ago!"
"Hmmmm...British ships do not trouble me.... It's other ships that worry me! Thank you very much Sir Du Baubon... We wil go now. We have to make way to Constantinople.."

"Grant, now we have the list we will hurry back to the Renown... our next course is Constantinople!!"

Back on the ship. "Lieutenant! hoist the topsails!

Full sail to Constantinople!"
"Aye aye Captain! HOIST THE TOPSAILS!!"


The renown takes a good wind and makes sail pass Krete and Greece to ultimately reach Constantinople!