4 Constantinople

In the busy street of this city at the far eastern borders of europe.... Walks an old redcoat veteran.

"There he is!!! ARREST THAT MAN!!!"

The redcoat manages to hide from the soldiers....
"keep looking men! We will find him!"
"These men must think I am a spy of some sort! Luckely they didn't follow me... and I am almost at the dock's"

"Ha! we caught you!..... Keep your guns on him, men... Gillard , fetch some irons!"

"You thought you were clever enouth to escape ey! Well you're coming with us for interrigation!!"




"It's the British!!! SEEK COVER"

"FULL BROADSIDE..............."

"It's the Renown!!... I will make a run for it to the dock's"


The redcoat jumps off the Dock and swims towards the Renown.

"Men! Help him on board!"

"Captain Campbell.. Thank you Sir...Pfffff..."
"Hello Kolonel Mayson... Good to see you again! I've heard story's about your travels and I thought you would get into trouble some day.... Luckely we had a good wind and arrived here today!"
"The only thing is we won't be able to enter Constantinople now! The Sultan and his Majesty where never that close... we had permission to break peace if the Turks got in the way!"

"Sir, would you like to join us in our journey around the world... our next destination is Aden, we will leave shortly across the red sea!"
A few other British ships have joined the race for king and country!"
"I would be delighted to join you abourd this ship, I was already thinking of going to the colonies in India...."
"good!! please join us for diner tonight Sir!....."
"I will certainly, thank you Sir Sawyer.."