5 Krete

The Renown and it's crew have left the Marmara sea and sight on the harbour of Constantinople!

Deu to the conflict with the Turks....... the supplies, mainly fresh drinkwater and vegetables, are beginning to run out. The Captain had to ration all supplies until a safe port was found!

After close examination of some maps... Sir Mayson remembered a watersource he had used before on the Island of Krete...

A landing party heads out to the beach to refill enouth barrels to get to the next port...
"according to Sir Mayson, the watersource must be behind those cliff's........ PREPARE FOR LANDING!!"


"Aye Sir! come on men look lively now!!"
"Marines! on watch!""Mr. Smith, scout ahead if you please!!............. The rest! a barrel each and follow mr. Wilson's lead!!"

The Renown's start moving the barrels and the two officers climb some cliffs to have a look around!

After a while the sloop return's with enouth fresh water to last the coming day's!
The sloop is loaded on board..."Heave!! Heave!!"

Captain Campbell ordered a quick return, he want's to reach Aden within two weeks! After that the Renown will head to Bombay where there are new orders from the admiralty..

"Aah, Lieutenant Grant! all went well I presume?"
"Yes Sir.... no problems ... The barrels are loaded at the moment, what is our heading Sir?"
"South to south-east Sir Grant, I wan't all the spare hands placed on the windward rail, we make ready to sail!"

"I hope we reach Bombay soon Captain Cambell Sir!"
"I hope so to Sir Sawyer! I really need to speak Vice-admiral Claighton, and I also would like to send the ship's log and the racereport to Plymouth!"